A little about us

Hi. I’m Bikash, and this is me and my wife. We document every special occasion in your life! I live in Singapore with my wife Gauri and our cutest dog Chubby.

Capturing and documenting my own family eventually became my photography passion and then into career. We convert moments into memories which makes you smile when you look back.

Our Story

I never wanted to be a wedding or any other type of photographer. I just enjoy and love to take photographs. I never really liked studies and I still remember how I completed my degree. But I always liked to take pictures from my phone and editing it and It wasn’t until I bought a 18-135mm Canon 700d in 2017, that I truly realized that photography was my medium, I haven’t looked back since. This was one of the first few photos I developed.

If you want to follow us and see more of our work life, we’re on Instagram!